2nd Grade Social Studies Curriculum


In Grade 2, students focus on a study of their local community by examining the impact of significant individuals and events on the history of the community as well as on the state and nation.

  • Students begin to develop the concepts of time and chronology by measuring calendar time by days, weeks, months, and years.
  • The relationship between the physical environment and human activities is introduced as are the concepts of consumers and producers.
  • Students identify functions of government as well as services provided by the local government.
  • Students continue to acquire knowledge of important customs, symbols, and celebrations that represent American beliefs and principles.
  • Students identify the significance of works of art in the local community and explain how technological innovations have changed transportation and communication.
  • Students communicate what they have learned in written, oral, and visual forms.

To support the teaching of the essential knowledge and skills, the use of a variety of rich material such as biographies; folktales, myths, and legends; and poetry, songs, and artworks is encouraged. Selections may include the legend of the bluebonnet. Motivating resources are also available from museums, historical sites, presidential libraries, and local and state preservation societies.

Throughout social studies in Kindergarten-Grade 12, students build a foundation in history; geography; economics; government; citizenship; culture; science, technology, and society; and social studies skills.  The content, as appropriate for the grade level or course, enables students to understand the importance of patriotism, function in a free enterprise society, and appreciate the basic democratic values of our state and nation.

19 TAC, Title 19, Part II
Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills for Social Studies

Chapter ยง113.4 (2nd Grade)
Subchapter A. Elementary


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