(1 credit)

This course is designed to prepare students in the concepts, technology and applications for more advanced work in mathematics. A solid understanding of Algebra II is strongly recommended in order to be successful.

The scope of the course emphasizes the analysis of functions, relations and their graphs. A full semester is devoted to trigonometry including solving equations working with vectors and parametric equations, and proving identities.  In addition, students investigate polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions.  Algebra skills are more fully developed in the process of exploring complex numbers, sequences, series and analytic geometry. 

This course is intended to provide the mathematics necessary for the study of calculus. An Algebra II teacher recommendation is strongly suggested.

TEKS Matrix

  • Unit 1:    Trigonometric Functions
  • Unit 2:    Right Triangle Trigonometry
  • Unit 3:    Graphing Trigonometric Functions
  • Unit 4:    Triangle Trigonometry with Bearings
  • Unit 5:    Proving Trigonometric Identities
  • Unit 6:    Solving Trigonometric Equations
  • Unit 7:    Vectors & Parametric Equations
  • Unit 8:    Polynomials
  • Unit 9:    Functions - Part 1
  • Unit 10:   Functions - Part II
  • Unit 11:   Exponents & Logarithms
  • Unit 12:   Conics
  • Unit 13:   Series & Sequences
  • Unit 14:   Rationals & Limits

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