Algebra I PAP
For grade 9
(1 credit)

This course is designed for students showing an advanced aptitude and superior math skills.  This Pre-AP course is designed to prepare students for entry into AP mathematics course.  The course goes beyond the on-level Algebra I content with a wider range and greater depth of subject matter.

Students will be expected to have superior study habits and the ability to learn from a variety of instructional methods.  The content assessments require students to synthesize their learning and apply it on a much higher level.

TEKS Matrix

  • Unit 1:
    • Part 1:  Properties & Real Numbers (review)
    • Part 2:  Solving Linear Equations (review)
    • Part 3:  Ratio & Proportions (review)
  • Unit 2:    Solving Equations/Inequalities with Applications
  • Unit 3:    Expressions, Equations & Functions
  • Unit 4:    Graphing Linear Functions/Inequalities Using Slope Intercept Form
  • Unit 5:    Writing Linear Functions in Point Slope Form
  • Unit 6:    Graphing Functions & Inequalities in Standard Form (with Applications)
  • Unit 7:    Systems of Equations & Inequalities
  • Unit 8:    Applications of Linear Systems
  • Unit 9:    Properties of Exponents
  • Unit 10:   Operations with Polynomials
  • Unit 11:   Factoring
  • Unit 12:  Solving & Graphing Quadratic Functions
  • Unit 13:  Radicals
  • Unit 14:  Rationals

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