5th Grade Music Curriculum



The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for 5th Grade Music are organized into the following strands:
  • Perception, where the student describes and analyzes musical sound and demonstrates musical artistry.
  • Creative expression/performance.  The student sings or plays an instrument, individually and in groups, performing a varied repertoire of music.
  • Creative expression/performance.  The student reads and writes music notation.
  • Creative expression/performance.  The student creates and arranges music within specific guidelines.
  • Historical/cultural heritage.  The student relates music to history, to society, and to culture.
  • Response/evaluation.  The student responds to and evaluates music and musical performance.
In Music, students develop their intellect and refine their emotions, understanding the cultural and creative nature of musical artistry and making connections among music, the other arts, technology, and other aspects of social life.  Through creative performance, students apply the expressive technical skills of music and critical-thinking skills to evaluate multiple forms of problem solving.

19 TAC, Title 19, Part II
Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills for Music
Chapter ยง117.18 (5th)
Subchapter A. Elementary

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